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Conquer High Branches with Ease and Safety with Pole Pruners form STIHL

If you’re a gardening enthusiast or an arborist looking to elevate your pruning, the pole pruner from STIHL is your go-to tool. STIHL Shop Fulham offers a range of pole pruners that are designed and engineered to make tree maintenance a breeze.

Safely Trim High Branches – No Ladder Required

High branches to be cut by STIHL Pole Pruners

Tackling high branches can be a risky endeavour, especially when it involves balancing on a ladder. But with pole pruners, you can bid farewell to wobbly ladders and safety concerns. The tools are designed to allow you to trim tall trees and remove dead wood without ever leaving the safety of the ground.

Telescopic Wonders: Reaching Up to 5 Metres

A person trimming high branches using STIHL Pole Pruners

STIHL’s telescopic pole pruners can effortlessly extend to a height of up to approximately 4 metres, plus your body height, giving a total reach span of approximately 5 metres. This means you can easily access those lofty branches that were previously out of reach. Whether you’re a professional arborist or simply a home gardener wanting to give your garden a pristine look, these pruners have got you covered.

Versatility Redefined: Petrol and Battery Models

Every garden or arborist job has its unique demands. STIHL recognises this diversity and offers a wide range of pole pruners to cater to various needs. Whether you prefer the power of petrol or the eco-friendliness of battery-operated tools, STIHL’s collection has an option for you.

Arborist’s Dream, Gardener’s Delight

Pole pruners bridge the gap between professional arborists and passionate gardeners. With their precision cutting and ergonomic design, these tools are not only practical but also enjoyable to use. Whether you’re maintaining a sprawling landscape or nurturing a backyard garden, the pole pruner from STIHL ensures that your plants stay healthy and well-groomed.

Want to know more?

Visit Shop 1/587-589 Tapleys Hill Road, Fulham. Adelaide and speak to our friendly team at STIHL Shop Fulham today. As your local Adelaide STIHL dealership, we specialise in the sale and service of the entire STIHL product line. You can also email or call us on (08) 8353 1505 to find out more about our popular Stihl pole pruners and services.

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